Why brides choose me

Why should you choose me? It's a good question and one that most brides find difficult to ask their potential photographer. Unfortunately this can often lead to disappointment, and by the the time it's happened, it's usually too late.

You've taken the time to see my work through my website, Facebook and Instagram, so I thought you'd appreciate knowing a little more about why brides choose me, and continue to recommend me. 

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1 - Get to know me before you book

I mentioned in my last hints and tips post that I'm the only photographer who represents my company, Riff Raff Photography. This means that when you book me for your wedding, you get me as your photographer. So, when we meet during your initial consultation it's a chance for all of us to find out more about each other and understand how I'll make your wedding photos come to life.

It's a two way meeting that lasts about 30 minutes to an hour and can take place as part of a free, no obligation home visit, or if you prefer we can pop to your local coffee shop. I'll bring along my portfolio, too, so not only will you have seen my work online, but you'll have the chance to see my work printed, as well. 

Even better, I make it so easy to book your one to one consultation online you can even do it with your eyes closed.

Well, almost...


2 - I love engagement shoots

Engagement shoots are great. You might remember from my hints and tips page where I'd mentioned that it's not always just about your photography, as such, but instead more about finding how we interact. Probably nine out of ten couples tell me they hate being in front of the camera, so if that sounds like you then an engagement shoot is definitely essential.

What about if you have an unusual question? Well, a recent couple, Karine and Nick, got in touch with me asking if I could photograph their wedding, but had one reservation. They've been guests at two other weddings I've shot - so they've seen me working first hand - and they also love my work, but she was worried about her skin tone compared with her fiancé, Nick, and how this may affect their photography. 

Karine's from Cape Verde, a small island off the northwest coast of Africa and her question was actually quite valid. Their contrasting skin tones may raise some challenges for me due to the variable lighting and contrast, so the best way to answer this was to offer a free, no obligation photoshoot, which is exactly what we did.

Karine and Nick were so impressed with the service and loved their photos, so much so that they've since booked me for their wedding later this year. 

Karine and Nick loved my solution. I find showing you what I can do, rather than tell you, is far more impactive and gives you everything you need to make a decision. Not only that, but Karine and Nick now have some lovely shots to show off to their friends and family. Here are some of my favourites... 


3 - Yes, I'm a professional. 

NOTE: This one's important!

One of my biggest challenges is finding a way to help my brides avoid falling foul of common mistakes that are only realised AFTER their wedding. 

I mentioned in my last post that I've had frantic calls from brides and wedding coordinators desperately looking for another photographer at short notice after having been let down by an amateur photographer they'd booked.

I remember receiving a call whilst I was working in Italy last year, a wedding coordinator friend of mine was desperately trying to find a photographer at short notice after the bride's photographer cancelled without reason. After several hours of calling round all our friends within the wedding network, we managed to find another photographer to step in at short notice. I'll be honest, I wasn't convinced we'd find one, and I suspect it happens far more often than even I realise. 

So, what can I do to help you to relax and make your day run smoothly? I want you to think about how this list would affect you and your wedding

  • I carry multiple cameras, lenses, batteries and memory cards. This means that in the event of an equipment failure, you won't even notice, and your memories will be safe.
  • I have professional insurance which means cover for public liability up to £5m, with a contract/terms document that is designed to protect both you and I in the rare event of a mishap. 
  • I have a thorough network of backup systems in place, including off site storage meaning that even in the event of your memories being destroyed by the likes of a fire, we'll have them recovered from alternative storage solutions.
  • I'm experienced; this means I know how weddings operate. I work closely with wedding coordinators, registrars and other suppliers. I have a professional approach and I know you and your guests will appreciate that.

This is just a short list, but such an important one that you should definitely consider. 

4 - I care about you

This should be a given, right? Wrong.

I've heard of so many horror stories when it comes to photographers who see your wedding as another process from their conveyer belt of bookings, and it's a numbers game for some.

I care about each and every single bride who books me. I'll always meet you before your wedding, find out exactly what you need and will provide you with many different ways to get in touch with me. There's a long time between booking your photography and your wedding day, so I think this is the perfect way to help us to remain connected. 

As I've already mentioned, when you book me, you get me. That means you get exactly the same premium photography service that all my other brides have had. I only accept an amount of bookings that I can cater for, which means I give myself the right amount of time to individually edit all of your images. I don't out-source editing, which is something that some photographers do. Out-sourcing means you may end up with a style of editing that's different to what your photographer portrayed when you initially booked.  

I also love to hand deliver your USB and album (if you've chosen to have one made), which is much more personal than simply posting to you. 


5 - You come first

I love hearing brides getting excited about their wedding day, especially when you talk about how important your photography is. It's my job to make you feel confident that I'm the right photographer for you, so why not give me the chance to give you that confidence with a free, no obligation consultation? And, if you fancy a photoshoot then I'll offer you one for free so you can find out how well we get on, and I'll even show you a preview of your images.

Plus, if you go on to book me, I'll give you a copy of your high resolution images from your photoshoot, absolutely free.

See, I told you I care :-)