It’s Not Just the Photography that Matters



Choosing a photographer isn’t what it used to be. Technology has rapidly moved forward making it easier for anyone to access the world of photography, including the wedding industry. Not only does it make it hard for me to stand out from the crowd, it also makes it difficult for you to make the right decision. With varying levels of experience across the industry, I truly believe that I have found a way to separate myself from the rest.

Service Matters

It's easy to focus on the photography alone, but this is just a small part of your photography booking. A lot of work has gone in to providing you with an excellent experience from the moment you enquire to the moment you receive your final delivery and beyond. For example, this begins with being able to easily schedule a consultation, which can be arranged using the online diary at the bottom of this page.

As a result of gathering feedback over the years I'm proud to offer a more dynamic service that's been carefully thought out to make your overall experience so much better than most of my competitors. I realise this is a bold claim so I'd like to explain a little further. 

What’s Different?

Most wedding photography services are handled manually. This includes simple web contact forms which turn in to endless emails whilst you try to find out more information, or find a date and time in the diary where everyone's available to meet for a consultation. I used to do the same, myself, and most photographers still do this. However, I know that this can eventually lead to shorter response times and a lack of general communication.

I've always loved the idea of using the most up to date technology to make life easier and better. The problem is, it takes a lot of time and understanding of how new technology works to then plan and implement a custom version for a business, especially when, as a photographer, you work alone. For these reasons you won't find many competitors who offer the same level of comprehensive system that I can offer.

What to Expect

When you book your wedding photography service with me you'll be included within a comprehensive workflow that helps to keep us on track, providing you with important information and updates at relevant times, along with ways to easily book future appointments with email and text reminders included where appropriate.

For example, during the busy wedding season, you'll still receive relevant communication that's scheduled to arrive with you on time. So, even if I'm shooting a wedding, you'll still receive that important email or text message reminder as planned. This level of organisation means you can sit back and relax, and not have to worry about missing something crucial.


More Reasons to Book

  • Easy to Book - View and accept quotes, sign contracts and make payments by various methods including credit and debit card offering you greater flexibility with all documents available as PDF files. No more waiting for documents in the post, unless you ask for a copy.

  • Instant Replies - Need a quick answer to a question? Contact me via Facebook Messenger and you'll receive a swift response from me personally. 

  • Custom Online Diary System - Booking appointments can be frustratingly hard work. You'll get access to an online scheduling diary to easily book engagement shoots, callbacks and final meetings as we go, giving you more time to get other things done.

  • Scheduled Reminders: Not sure where you're at? Email and text messages are automatically scheduled to coincide with important dates before your wedding, as well as for engagement shoots and final meetings, meaning you can relax.

  • Quickly Reschedule: No need to email or call. Simply add, reschedule or cancel your appointment or meeting directly from your confirmation email. Simply click or tap on the relevant button within your email then reselect a date from the online diary to book. Use iCal or Google Calendar? It'll even move the date in your mobile diary for you (most platforms supported).

  • Upload Documents: Need to send me a schedule or other document? Easily upload these directly from your computer or mobile device to provide me with a detailed overview of your plans.

  • Tags within Online Password-Protected Gallery: You'll be given access to features to tag your images as favourites, or ones you'd like to select for your wedding album making the process much quicker and simpler than older techniques. Or, setup custom tags to group specific photos together.

  • Professional: I have years of photography experience. Your service is backed up with professional indemnity and public liability insurance, official quotes, contracts and online services that are designed with you in mind.

  • Reliability: A truly comprehensive and professional backup system is in place from the moment your photographs are taken, through to editing and delivery. This consists of solid state, hard drive and off-site backups, making it even easier to recover your images should the worst happen.

Schedule Appointment

Next Step: Book a free, no obligation consultation or request a callback. You will never be asked to make a booking decision during these sessions. Consultations will allow us to find out more about each other to make sure we’re a good match. You’ll also have the opportunity to view my printed portfolio and ask any questions that will help you to make an informed decision.

Simply choose your preferred option below, then select your date and time in the diary.