Additional Duplicate Albums

Additional Duplicate Albums

from 345.00

The perfect gift for a special person.

Order additional albums at the same time as submitting your main order to receive a discounted rate.

Discount will apply on albums which are of the same size or smaller than your main album and as such additional albums cannot be larger in size. For example, if your main album is 12x10” in size, you may order additional albums at 12x10” or smaller to qualify for this discount.


£80 Discount - 10x8
£80 Discount - 12x10
£80 Discount - 14x11
£90 Discount - 16x12

Discount has been applied on all selections shown above.

Add Additional Album

Important Information
If you have selected upgrades for your main album and you would like to include these upgrades on your duplicate album you must change the quantity of each individual upgrade (or upgrade package) to reflect the total quantity of albums ordered.

For example, if you select one main album and one additional album, your upgrade quantity should be changed from 1 to 2. This quantity should be applied to all upgrades you wish to add to the additional album. You will be charged the discounted rate for the additional album along with any additional upgrades selected.

If your main album has upgrades selected but would like to order an additional album without these upgrades then simply leave the upgrade quantity at 1.