Victoria & Chris | Wedding Day | Aldwark Manor


What an excellent start to my 2019 wedding season! Apart from the fact I keep writing ‘2018’ on all my posts, what’s that all about?

My first wedding of the year goes to the lovely Victoria & Chris after meeting them about a year ago at Aldwark Manor Hotel in North Yorkshire when they chose to have their wedding at this excellent venue.

There’s something great about working at a venue that you’re familiar with, and if you’ve ever been to a wedding, or you’re a photographer yourself, you’ll know how quickly time can fly and how stressful it can be to keep on top of your timings. It’s great to know the grounds and venue inside out, but the biggest positive for me is knowing the wedding staff so well that I feel like I’m part of the team, and that means that everything we do is for the bride and groom, and today was no different.

I had a slightly different approach to the night before the big day. Victoria and Chris had an engagement shoot booked with me but we found some difficulties, in particular with the persistently poor weather we had during the dates booked in the diary on the run up to the wedding day, so instead of battling the elements Victoria and Chris invited me and my camera to join them to capture their rehearsal dinner at Aldwark Manor.

I’m the kind of photographer who’ll do his best to go unnoticed. A little bit like the street photographer who tries to blend in with the busy city crowds to capture a single moment that speaks a thousand words. I think I went unnoticed for the most part (with the exception of a few who could spot me even when I was out of the room!), still managing to blend in to capture some lovely candid shots.

After getting home later that evening, transferring and backing up the nights photos, I found myself unable to sleep for the high-speed winds blasting by the windows. I often struggle to sleep the night before a wedding as it is (which, by the way, seems to be a common trait with us wedding photographers!), so this night was going to be a rough one! And a rough one it was. Driving to Aldwark Manor on the wedding morning I could do nothing more than hope for the winds to settle.

Arriving with the bride for morning preparations I was pleased to join a happy, relaxed room full of people getting ready for the big day. One of my favourites parts of Aldwark Manor is the bridal suite; large, spacious and with an abundance of light coming through the many windows making it such a beautiful place to work. Contrast this with the morning preparations with the groomsmen where the lighting is much more difficult to work with, but with a little knowledge and forward thinking it can help to achieve a much more dramatic look.

Throughout the day Victoria and Chris really were the perfect couple to work with. Their trust in me was the biggest gift they could give, and whilst it was a (very) fast paced day, I think we managed to pull off some really excellent captures. I’ll let you be the judge!

If you were a guest at Victoria & Chris’s wedding and you would like to purchase any prints/downloads, please follow the link below to view along with discount codes which are available for a limited time. Please note that you’ll need the password from Victoria & Chris in order to access the gallery.

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With thanks to:

Aldwark Manor Hotel
Flower Design Ripon (Florist)
Chair Covers of Yorkshire (Chair Covers)
Laura Lindsay Weddings & Events (Venue Decorators)
The Fireworkers (Fireworks)
Club Class Entertainment (DJ/Entertainment)
Auriah and the Lights (Live Music)
Eleri Pound (Harpist)