Katy & Gary | Wedding Day | St Helens Church, Ainderby Steeple

If ever there was an example of not being able to predict the Great British weather, this was it. After a few days of glorious sunshine, reaching almost 30 degrees, it seemed a good bet that this would continue on to the big day ahead of us all. Thunderstorms were definitely not expected, but it's exactly what we got!

When I first met Katy & Gary at the start of 2017 at their beautiful home in Northallerton, it was clear that they were heavily focussed on their friends and family, with Katy's Dad preparing their home grounds ready for the big day. We did discuss the weather and how we could overcome difficult conditions, but I don't think any of us could have anticipated the cracking of thunder in St Helens Church, along with the flash of lightning and rain bouncing off the church roof. One thing was for sure, Katy and Gary never let this get them down. With wellies and umbrellas at the ready, they embraced the conditions, helped by the schedule which luckily allowed photos between showers! 

As a photographer, weddings present the most exciting moments. Sometimes this provokes a rush of adrenaline, getting ahead of the bride before she arrives at the church, or running through heavy rain just to get THAT shot. There is only one chance, so your photos have to count. 

This is a wedding I'll remember for a long time. Not just for the sporadic weather conditions, but for the lovely, welcoming bride and groom along with their friends and family. Sometimes it's possible to feel like you're one of the guests, not just a photographer, and this was one such occasion. 

To Katy & Gary, thank you for choosing me to capture your memories, and thank you for the laughs, fun and complete enjoyment you gave me doing something that I love. I've posted some of my favourite photos below, please feel free to like, comment or share your thoughts.