Abbie & Marcus | Wedding Day | Aldwark Manor

Abbie & Marcus-668.jpg

“I can’t believe how fast today’s gone!”. It’s a common phrase I hear from the happy couple on their wedding day, however, it wasn’t just the wedding day of Abbie & Marcus that was over in the blink of an eye, as we’d first met and arranged their photography booking an incredible three years ago. 

Whilst it’s unusual to book so far in advance, I know how quickly time passes when in the wedding industry so I didn’t think twice when they chose to book my photography services. Weeks often feel like days, and months feel like weeks. It’s a constant that never stops, and there were no exceptions with Abbie & Marcus, because before we knew it, our final meeting arrived and their wedding started to become a reality. 

On the day of the wedding Abbie & Marcus were getting ready at two separate locations so it was a pleasure to have Graham Frostick of Ideal Weddingsalong with us to join the groomsmen whilst I spent the morning with Abbie and her bridesmaids. If you’re ever considering whether or not you should have a second photographer, this is a perfect example of when it makes sense. When you look back on your photography, you get a real sense of what each other was doing whilst preparing for your ceremony, without compromise.

I arrived at Aldwark Manors bridal suite where I was met with an orderly and relaxed room of bridesmaids. I soon got my cameras at the ready and started snapping away before we were joined by Ryan from Mulhern Media who was there to capture memories for their cinematic film. 

Having shot many wedding videos myself in the past, it’s important to help each other to achieve the best possible photography and video results. Ryan is a complete professional and should definitely be at the top of your list if you’re considering hiring a wedding videographer. Even if you’re not, his work may convince you otherwise! 

With everything under control it made capturing the wedding preparations feel very natural. I ;ve always enjoyed working in this bridal suite at Aldwark Manor, with daylight shines perfectly through several glass doors and lends for some great photographic opportunities, particularly for shots of the dress, hair and makeup. 

Abbie was soon in her dress and ready to go, which was my cue to leave.

It was almost time for their ceremony at St Stephens Church which is a short walk away from Aldwark Manor. I was a bit worried about the clouds looming overhead, but the rain held off for Abbie and Marcus' arrival at the church to enjoy the moment they'd been waiting for for a very long time. Abbie looked incredible walking down the aisle with her Dad, you could really see the joy both Abbie and Marcus had for each other in anticipation of saying those all important words.

As quickly as their ceremony arrived, it was over and finally time to relax having just officially married! Even for me, it was incredible to see this moment after three years of waiting. 

The rest of their day went so fast, but we made sure plenty of laughs and great moments were had during their photography shots together. The whole day was so positive that I was made to feel like I was a guest at their wedding, rather than hired to take photographs, and as a photographer, I can't ask for a better day. 

To Abbie and Marcus, I wish you both all the very best for your future together and I look forward to you receiving your full wedding gallery very soon.