Ryan McCaffrey

Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Ryan, I'm a photographer based in Catterick, near Richmond, North Yorkshire. I photograph weddings all across Yorkshire and North of England, however, no job is ever too far and I'm happy to travel across the UK as well destination weddings abroad, especially Italy. 

I've been shooting weddings since 2013 and I love what I do. My love of photography began when I was started selling cameras in 2002 whilst working in retail, and after receiving my very first digital SLR for my 18th Birthday I caught the photography "bug" and it all went from there.

I continued working in retail until the age of 22 before I began a career with the emergency services. I loved the busy and chaotic environment, helping people during times of need, and the satisfaction of turning difficult situations in to positive ones.


I left the emergency services to pursue a career in photography, which is where I am today. My life experience so far has given me an incredibly varied background that sits perfectly with wedding photography, giving me all the skills needed to cater for many situations.

I enjoy blending in to the background whilst capturing those little wedding moments, I find going unnoticed brings out the best in people and is something my customers love. I can also provide some direction if you'd like your photography to be a bit more dramatic. 

I have many interests, including; cooking, music from the 60's, films, road trips, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, pizza, ice cream trips to Whitby, and fast cars. 

Below are some of my favourite (iPhone captured) memories.