I’m Not a Photographer

Ryan McCaffrey

Ryan McCaffrey

I recently decided to rewrite this page after a few things in life changed my outlook on me, as a person. Now I’m not going to get too deep in details on my ‘about’ page, but if you have a spare five minutes then have a read of my blog that covers this in more depth. Don’t be too shocked by the title, and if you decide to read the blog in full you might find you can relate to many areas personally, yourself, and I encourage you to keep reading because after-all, you’re about to make a big investment and you want to know what you’re getting in return.

The content of my last ‘about me’ page wasn’t overly personal. Yes, I photograph weddings all across Yorkshire and the North of England, and of course no job is ever too far away. Any photographer will say the same. I’ve lived and worked in Italy for a number of wedding seasons, shot in Florida, and travelled through most countries in Europe so really I welcome enquiries from all around the world.

But it’s not about this. It’s about you and me. You can look through my portfolio (and I encourage you to do so) and, if you like my work, then we’re on to an excellent start. But then what? There are so many other photographers out there who can offer the same ‘photography’ service as me. Some may be more expensive, some may cost a bit less, so how you do put true value on your investment, and how do you even begin to choose?

If you read my blog post then you’ll already have the answer. But in short, it’s about how I, as a person can impact your day. Not just as someone who take photos, but as someone who can help you, support you, give you confidence, keep you organised on the day, encourage you and to get the best out of you.

I’ll do this with genuine care and sincerity, and I won’t make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’ll get on with your parents, your friends, your guests so that I’m an asset to your day, and not someone who’s getting in the way or upsetting people along the way. I’ll do all of this whilst taking photographs which, for the most part, you won’t even realise I’m taking.

I’ve got the people skills and ability to move in such a way that I’ll quietly capture the tears of your grandparents, laughs of your brother, your sister, and of your Mum and Dad as they interact with you and others who are close to them. I’ll tell your story.

I’m someone who will do all of the above, and I’ll get you some incredible photos whilst I’m there. I want to be the photographer that everyone remembers. Not just for giving you incredible photo memories, but for all of the reasons above.

Click Here to Read My Blog: I’m Not a Photographer

Click Here to Read My Blog: I’m Not a Photographer


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This is me, my style, and my passion. All you have to do is let me do my thing, and I’ll capture some truly stunning and real moment that you’ll look back on for a lifetime to come.