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Romantic Italian Weddings by Marco Bernasconi

Riff Raff Photography is proud to be recommended by Romantic Italian Weddings. Marco and his team offer two of the most beautiful villas in Italy. These villas, combined with Marco's famous 8 Step Process, you'll be sure to receive world class, award winning service in the perfect setting. We love working here, and would welcome your enquiry today. 

Villa San Crispolto

Villa San Crispolto is an historical villa located on Lake Trasimeno in Umbria on the border with Tuscany, Italy. The villa was originally built in the 13th century and has been beautifully restored and furnished with antiques befitting the style and history of the villa. With 12 bedrooms and extra accommodation for up to 25 guests, Villa San Crispolto offers a unique setting for the wedding party. Enjoy magnificent views of Lake Trasimeno and the Umbrian countryside from the villa. The grounds of Villa San Crispolto feature manicured gardens, olive groves and a private swimming pool. This is a spectacular setting for outdoor weddings.

Villa Baroncino

Between Umbria and Tuscany In the middle of a pleasant mountainous landscape, facing on to Lake Trasimeno, it's location makes for the perfect wedding. One of the most refined among ancient countryhouses; restored with great care in a place full of history, where you'll be delighted by one of the most incredible views in Umbria. With 9 apartments and 4 suites accommodating up to 51 guests, Villa Baroncino can be the perfect location for the wedding party. From "Villa Baroncino" it will be easy for you to reach the most important cities of Italian art and history.

Villa Baroncino

Shot at Villa Baroncino in Italy, for Romantic Italian Weddings by Marco Bernasconi, this video was created by Riff Raff Photography to showcase the stunning villa and its surroundings both from the ground, and from the air. Villa Baroncino is luxurious, and is the perfect place to host your Italian Wedding. Tucked away in the hillside of Umbria, on the border with Tuscany, you'll enjoy incredible views and scorching sunshine. Choose to party in one of two outdoor swimming pools, or laze around on the sunbed, and with only a short drive from your villa, you can visit Marcos restaurant, 'Caio Caio', and enjoy food, drink and the attached night club. 

Fancy seeing some of Italy? Look no further than Cortona, a small town located twenty minutes by car from your villa. The town boasts historic views, many incredible restaurants, and of course the Town Hall where you can choose to marry. Getting married in Italy gets no better than this.

Wedding Proposals

On the day of your wedding, you'd expect that the bride, groom and guests to all know why they're present. However, what about your wedding proposal? It's likely that one one of you knows the reason to be in your perfectly chosen location to pop the big question. 

This is a special moment and we can help to capture this for you, working with you to ensure we blend in with the crowd right up until the big question. Just take a look at our example below, shot in the breathtaking surroundings of Venice.

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